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Fortanach are experts in Prize Indemnity Insurance for the lottery and gaming industry. We will ensure your business is covered regardless of the type of prizes you offer.

Our Services

Fortanach provides a range of insurance services to lottery and gaming providers.

Secondary Lottery Insurance

Secondary lotteries link the prize awards they offer to the underlying official lottery. Even the biggest secondary lottery providers do not generate enough revenue to payout the occasional large jackpot. For a premium, the operator can offload the liability to pay winnings above a chosen threshold to the insurers. This makes the operator's cashflow less volatile, more planable and is the security net to protect the operator from insolvency.

Instant Win Insurance

Conceptually, instant win games are simply lottery draws which are organized for each individual player. The issue for the operator is apparent: the volatility of winnings can be substantial as it is possible that there are multiple winners with large prize awards within a short time. Consequently, they limit their liability by offering relatively  small top tier winnings. Insurance cover allows operators to offer higher prize awards which in turn boosts sales while keeping the financial volatility low.

Primary Lottery Insurance

In going concern mode, primary lotteries with significant volume do not require insurance; they generate enough cash to allocate a fraction of their sales to a pool from which they pay the large winnings. What if they are starting a new game and the prize pool is empty? Or they want to push sales with innovative features? Insurance products can support advanced financial management to smooth the P&L.

Sports Bonus Program Insurance

Sport is exciting but also competitive, big business. Clubs, event organizers and sponsors offer outstanding individuals or teams performance-based financial incentives. To get access to outstanding individuals our clients take significant financial risks. These have to be carefully managed in order not to seriously reduce the client's financial flexibility.  Fortanach has a range of solutions to reduce your risk and increase financial stability.

About Fortanach

Fortanach was created by a group of prize indemnity and insurance experts to provide sustainable, scalable insurance solutions for lottery and gaming operators.

Your business is about chance. Your insurance shouldn't be.

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